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Resistance to organizational change: Successful implementation of change through effective communication

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Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: none, International Islamic University, course: Change Management, language: English, abstract: Organizations have been passing through transition phase over time. Some organizations have failed to transform, while others have successfully implemented their desired change. Previous literature has focused on the rationale behind the failure as well as the success of these organizations. Literature concluded that the resistance of employees serves to be a major factor behind the failure of any organization, willing to implement change. Further, researchers found that this resistance can be lessen by applying suitable communication techniques to align employees with the coming change according to the culture of organization and employees. For the purpose of alignment, a charismatic leader is required who has the potential to eradicate the gaps between the concerns of top management and its employees. This paper draws attention towards the causes of resistance; the impact of culture dimensions on organizational change and management decisions, and examines how communication being a major factor can overcome resistance by employees. This article eventually recommends that a charismatic leadership can bring change with the consent of the followers and that is mainly due to the attributes associated with leader´s traits. Consequently, this article proposes the methodology that brings a happy ending to a change process. T

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