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Tommy Weebler´s Spring Fever Snoozefest (Tommy Weebler´s Almost Exciting Adventures, #4)

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Tommy Weebler´s latest adventure begins when he finds an ancient gold coin in the middle of the street. How unusual is that? Plenty, when Tommy´s best friend Wilbur only sees the coin as an ordinary rock. Showing the coin to the remaining members of The Protectinators, the team Tommy and his friends created for their own protection, doesn´t explain anything. Raul sees a rock. Dory Drake sees the coin. But there´s even more for concern. Etched on the back of the coin is the image of a huge bird with mighty talons. Problem is, the winged creature has the disturbing habit of disappearing off the coin. After a second gold coin is discovered on Tommy´s front porch, this one featuring the image of a gigantic snake, it´s evident that something most unusual is taking place in Fillmore, California. Tommy´s worries are confirmed when he shows the coins to Kyle, the talking interplanetary bounty hunter who happens to look like a Rottweiler. Kyle sees the coins the same as Tommy and a quick sniff of the air by Kyle´s incredible nose leaves no doubt that trouble is advancing on Fillmore like a terrible storm. With the unexpected arrival of Gerald O´Weebler, a very very short relative of Tommy´s from Ireland, they learn that the gold coins Tommy found represent half of a complete set of four. Once all four are reunited, Gerald warns, the cursed coins will unleash a nightmare upon the world. Can Tommy Weebler and his remarkable friends save the day? Who knows? One thing´s for certain: Whatever horrible obstacles they face, it´s guaranteed that batches of cookies fresh from the oven will be involved.

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Tommy Weebler´s Spring Fever Snoozefest (Tommy Weebler´s Almost Exciting Adventures, #4) - Preisvergleich (EAN 09781949569032)

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Tommy Weebler´s Spring Fever Snoozefest (Tommy Weebler´s Almost Exciting Adventures, #4) - E-Bookszum Artikel

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